Give your jewellery a magical touch with our Navratna Collection!!

The Indian subcontinent has been one of the major centres of jewellery from the past several millennia. Out of all the types of jewellery that are held in reverence in the subcontinent, Navaratna Jewellery probably features in the top due to the mystical powers believed to be possessed by such kind of jewellery. The term “Navaratna” is derived from the Sanskrit compound word which means “nine gems.” Each of these gems is assigned a certain celestial significance and such a type of jewellery has been popular since ancient times due to the supernatural prowess ascribed to the constituent nine gems.

The Navratna also forms the basis of pranic or life healing. Each stone in the collection has a particular planet in its alignment and corresponds to a particular Chakra.


Each stone also has a particular cosmic colour. These nine stones have been referenced in the ancient Vedic scriptures as the key to counteract the adverse karmic force that brings in negative energies such as stress, disappointments or frustrations. It is the Vedic verdict that one has to enjoy/suffer the consequences of their karmas. These stones empower you and strengthen your emotions and intellect.





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